Are You Buying Your First Car? Enjoy a Better Shopping Experience with These Handy Tips

Shopping for a car can be a stressful experience. Shopping for your first car? That's a whole other thing entirely.

Buying for your first car can be a major step, but it's also a complicated one. Luckily, it's not a step that you have to take alone. The team at Ron Marhofer Credit Solutions can help. Our dealership in Akron, OH has a range of valuable vehicles available and a staff of experienced professionals that can answer any questions you have.

To get you started, take a look at some of our tips. We'd like to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls first-time buyers often stumble into.

Don't Be Afraid to Go with the Practical Car

Many Hudson drivers, especially first-time buyers, like to envision themselves behind the wheel of something exotic and exciting. The thing is, for a lot of people, that exciting car isn't actually the vehicle best-suited to their lives.

That's why we always recommend our New Franklin customers pause before they decide on a car and take stock of whether it's what they want or what they need. While that sleek sports coupe might sound like a good idea, more often than not you'll find that the car that makes you happiest is the car that makes the most sense.

Consider All the Different Parts of Your Budget

More so than anything else, the thing that determines the cars that people in Cuyahoga Falls buy is their cost. All the fancy features in the world don't mean much if your car bill keeps you from paying for the rest of life's necessities.

When you're calculating the cost of a car, however, make sure you're not just thinking about its price tag alone. You also need to think about the other expenses a vehicle adds to your life. That can include everything from the money you spend at the gas pump to the monthly costs of car insurance.

Vehicle maintenance can likewise eat up a big chunk of your budget. It might not be as regular or frequent as your other care-related bills, but even minor maintenance jobs can be expensive, and you'll need to budget for them accordingly.

The finance team at our dealership can help you determine whether you can really afford the vehicle you're interested in. We can also help you apply for the vehicle financing you need to buy your car.

Don’t Buy Anything You Haven't Tested Out First

A common mistake that many first-time buyers make is to fall in love with something at first sight. While it's great to feel enthusiastic about the vehicle you're interested in, you should never buy a car blindly. Do your research and make sure the car you're interested in is worth your time and money.

More importantly, take it for a test drive. One of the best ways to discover a vehicle's hidden problems is to take it out on the road for a few miles. And even if there aren't any unfortunate surprises hiding under the hood, you'll want to make sure the experience you imagine matches what your vehicle is actually equipped to deliver.


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Perhaps the biggest piece of advice we'd give you, though, is to reach out to our dealership. We have a great selection of used cars waiting that run the gamut of makes, models, and prices. Our experienced staff would also be happy to provide any further insights you might need to make first vehicle purchase as smooth as possible.

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